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$ 1000

Contact Claim Myvegas Blackjack Rewards Here on Messenger. Highlights info row image. bit.ly/2dWQXNW. Highlights info row image. Community. Page ...

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my vegas chips and rewards. - Las Vegas Forum - TripAdvisor
How to collect myVEGAS Free Chips Mobile Since myVEGAS Mobile Slots is mobile only app, the myvegas free chips mobile can only myvegas blackjack facebook page collected on a mobile device, either on iOS or Android.
Android: Click on the links below, wait for the app to open and there will be a popup showing how many free chips are available.
Collect, switch back to this myvegas blackjack facebook page, and collect the next free chips.
Read our or join our!
training software free the past, codes were provided to be manually inputted and a voucher for free myVEGAS coins or chips would appear.
However, the process was tedious and confusing, so Playstudios have implemented the above process where you can just click the links to get the free chips and coins!
You do need to sign in to your Facebook, being signed in allows for the synchronizing of your loyalty points across all the games, allowing you to earn and accumulate Loyalty Points across all four, that can be redeemed for real world rewards!
Like all of the MyVegas games, myvegas blackjack facebook page Slots requires a constant internet connection.
It was designed to supplement for the desktop Facebook version, but since can play anywhere and anytime, article source is the favorite of many myVEGAS players and arguably the best way to earn those Loyalty Points.
The challenges are the unique part blackjack security gatwick airport this game and are accessed via the Journey tab on the bottom of the main screen.
Currently there are three Journeys and their varied challenges one can partake in; myStrip, Shaqusta, and Downtown.
Each challenge has three tiers; bronze, silver and gold with the challenge requirements and rewards being significantly higher with each level.
You earn Loyalty points with each spin of a slot machine, by filling a coin meter.
Each spin source a set amount of your Chip and adds it to your Loyalty Point coin meter.
When the meter is full it will award you Loyalty Points, myvegas blackjack facebook page reset.
The higher the bet amount, the more the meter is filled with each spin.
How to Earn Chips Chips are the in-game currency, to play the game you need chips.
Chips have only one purpose: to play the game.
Each spin of the Slot costs a set amount of chips.
If you lose they are gone, if you win you will get the winnings back in chips to spin again.
Not all slots are created equally.
They all have different chip values for spins, and so some are not as efficient at gathering Loyalty Points.
Look at requirements and see if worth the chips.
Games of chance are built on frequency, and the only way to keep playing is to start with a store of chips, even if it means just collecting chips for a few days.
Please enter your email address.
You will receive mail with link to set new password.

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Free Spins
50 xB
Max cash out:
$ 1000

In comparison to the other myvegas apps, such as popslots, my. in fact the blackjack Facebook page hasn't posted in at least 15 months.

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This app saved me $120 in Las Vegas — and can save you even more - Business - Newton Press Mentor - Newton, IL - Newton, IL
myvegas blackjack facebook page

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$ 200

See more of myVEGAS on Facebook. Recent Post by Page. AND check out Pop Slots Casino, my KONAMI Slots, and myVEGAS Blackjack.

How to use MyVegas to save money in Las Vegas
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How To Play MyVegas BlackJack (Best Strategy 2018)

Free Spins
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Max cash out:
$ 1000

MyVEGAS blackjack will not allow me to sync Any suggestions ?. App Page. The Mirage Hotel and Casino. Casino. Pages Liked by This Page. M life Rewards.

my vegas chips and rewards. - Las Vegas Forum - TripAdvisor
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How to use MyVegas to save money in Las Vegas
MyVegas is a game on Facebook and 3 games for iOS, amazon and android devices.
It's free to play myvegas blackjack facebook page earns you free things through MLife and it's partners.
MLife is the MGM owned properties that include MGM Grand, Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, Mandalay Bay, Click the following article, Monte Carlo, New York New York, Luxor, Excalibur, and Circus Circus.
It also includes partners such as Wolfgang Puck, House of Blues, Maverick Helicopters, LV Monorail, and many more in Vegas and other places.
You will want to have as many loyality points lp's available to you 30 - 60 - 90 days before your trip.
Lots of information, but it's extreemly worth it to play.
Just from playing a free game!
Friends and family can also collect rewards.
If wanting 2 free nights in a particular hotel, you just need to stay in the same room with someone else that plays.
They will link the reservations.
Each can earn free tickets to shows and you can share 2 for 1 offers.
There are 4 ways to play and you will want to play them all.
Each will keep it's own chip count, but the loyality points are sync'd between all 4 games.
First there is MyVegas on Facebook.
Start there then sync all games to that.
card 16 3 blackjack is MyVegas Slots, MyVegas Blackjack and MyKonami on iOS and android.
Download each and the first more info you open the app it will ask you to sync your facebook account to it.
Even if you don't play much you want to collect for those free lp's mostly from blackjack and so you have lots of chips to play when you do play.
I love to play on break at work and when I'm doing something boring like sitting on the train.
You can set it to auto spin you just have to play the bonus games as they come up.
see more I'm a blackjack player by nature, I prefer to play the blackjack app and just play slots on facebook, but it's for your fun and rewards, so just enjoy however you choose.
Slots also from Playstudios.
It's by far the most fun to play, but earning loyality points comes in bonus balloons, not at all based on your play.
It is a more social game as in your bonuses are shared with the others that are sitting at your machines.
I'll add the tips and tricks plus everything I've learning in the first week it's been out at the bottom of this page.
Like the other 3, just search the App Store or Google Play for Pop!
There are lots and lots of ways to get free chips in all the games.
Some take a little work, others are just time based.
I recomend that you don't put money into myvegas blackjack facebook page game or your free rewards aren't actually free.
There are a couple of exceptions to this rule.
I was given a lucky opportunity to pick a suitcase of chips and a price.
OMG can't turn that one down!
That's very rare though.
With just a little time and effort and some smart betting outlined below you should be able to play for free anytime you want.
Each game gives you a daily bonus every 22 hours.
If you play every day that bonus is multiplied.
It's also multiplied by the number of friends on the facebook game.
On the 3 apps, you can collect a bonus every 4 hours.
It will be either chips, lp's or tickets that win you chips.
Once you have others playing make sure you send out gifts daily and other players will send you back gifts of free chips.
You can click on other players MyVegas posts to earn free chips, between 50-501 each.
Watch your email to get bonuses on both facebook and app games!
This is a facebook group that posts new links for facebook chips and codes for chips in the apps.
This is also a great place to go when you start playing since they keep older codes up there.
You can start with over 40,000 chips per game this way and add to it daily.
Here's the link you can click to that group.
First click on the icon above to take you to the facebook page to start playing.
There many ways to maximize free coins and lp's.
The lp's or loyality points are what you earn to collect your FREE rewards in Las Vegas or other MGM partners.
I will also include the betting stratagies so you earn the most lp's while betting the least amount of chips possible.
While it's true that if you bet big you can win big, it's also the fastest way to run yourself completely out of chips.
If you are just playing for fun bet what you enjoy, but if you are wanting to go to Las Vegas with as much FREE as possible, you will want to play smart with your chips.
Remember the phrase "slow and steady wins the race".
I remind myself of that all the time when I'm tempted to bet big!
This will take some work, but all things worthwhile do.
First join the group.
There you will be able to click several links for free chips, plus new links almost daily.
I got almost 70,000 when I first started playing with these links!
Your daily multiplyer bonus is based on the number of friends playing, plus it's these friends that will post so you can collect and send you gifts.
Watch your email for free chips too!
As you can see to the right, the amount spun on the wheel was 3,000 chips.
By playing 5 days in a row that is multiplied x3 for a total of 9,000 chips.
By having friends play that can have a bonus of up to 500%.
You only need about 50 friends, but the more you have the more posts and gifts you can collect.
In this case the 3,000 was multipliedby 500 and a bonus of 15,000 chips were given.
The like bonus is temporarly unavailable, hopefully will be back soon.
Today 24,000 chips could be received from a 3,000 spin!
Here's the breakdown for the friends bonus.
You will also want to collect from your strip that you will be building.
Those refil every hour to every 8 hours.
Next way in game to earn free chips is by collecting from your strip that you will build as you play.
You start out with Grand Canyon Tours, Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel, Tattoo Shop Plaza and Wolfgang Puck.
These refil and are available to collect every hour.
Each place you build will give you larger amounts of chips, but also take longer to refil.
Here's what you will build, when you will build it and how often it refills.
Trust me - this is an awesome bonus.
It takes on average 10-20 spins to earn 10 lp's playing the game.
Each post will give you 50-501 chips with the majority being 101 or 201 each.
There is a max number of chips you can earn this way daily, which is 20,000 chips but you would have to work super hard to collect that in a day.
That is strictly the free chips you collect, not what you win from spinning.
Here is a big tip.
When you want to collect click on that and all the post from those people will be right there together.
Then just go down the list and click each one.
I find it faster to right click and open in new tab so I don't have to go back and forth and don't loose my place on the list.
Plus I can easily see how much I collect each time from each post.
Each post has a max of 20 clicks so there will be several that say you are too late.
That's ok, you will have plenty to click on.
Most other games have a bonus you have to play about every 5-10 minutes.
There is lots of math behind these stratagies but I won't bore you with all of that.
Just please take my word that these are mathmatically sound and proven ways to earn the most lp's by betting the least amount of chips.
The higher your level, the harder it becomes card shuffling machine blackjack earn lp's, so here is the best formula.
I've included what are the best games to play since not all games have you betting the same amout of chips per spin.
It's fun to win big jackpots.
Do whatever you are most comfortable doing.
This is the first of the 3 apps for your iOS and android devices.
Go to your app store or Google Play store and search for MyVegas.
All 3 apps should come up, but at least MyVegas Slots and MyVegas Blackjack will pop up.
You may have to do a second search for MyKonami.
Download the apps, then open MyVegas Slots.
The first thing it will want to do is sync to your facebook account.
If you don't have facebook downloaded to your device, do that first and log in on it.
Once it sync's it will show your profile pic and your loyality point balance and verify that it is you.
Now you are ready to play.
It's a bit tedious, but with about 15 min work you will gain about 45,000 chips depending on the codes.
Once per day you mohegan sun blackjack switch be given a daily spin.
I recomend you spin every day even if you don't play so you can click the following article the multiplyer at x3.
Every 4 hours you will see a button on lower right corner that says collect.
That gives you free chips.
The higher your level the more free chips you get each time.
You will also be given the opportunity to watch videos to get free chips.
If you have the time definately do this I highly recomend it.
You will get between 3-10 videos that last no longer than 30 seconds each.
Easy way for more free chips.
Click on these and try to backtrack to get bronze, silver and gold on each level.
The higher you go you earn lp's.
The early stages earn you free chips.
It also gives you a chance to play all the different games.
Have fun but try not to loose too much too fast.
I'm a huge blackjack fan and that's what I prefer to play at any casino.
That makes this my favorite app but that's not the only reason.
I love that in your 4 hour bonus and your daily gift you can get lp's not just chips.
You may get a card in your daily gift, but that works too.
You collect all the cards in each room to unlock the next room, which gives you lots of lp's.
You can also get experience in the daily gift, which I don't like and luckily I have only received once.
Open and sync your facebook account to the app.
It will verify it is you.
Then go to and get the current and post codes so you can start with a decent amount of chips.
You enter codes the same way as in the slots app, see photo in previous section if you need help.
Remember while each app shares lp's, they each have their own chips.
This is good since if you run out of chips on one you can play another while building the first one back up.
You will also be given the opportunity to watch videos https://clearadultskin.com/blackjack/variations-of-blackjack.html get free chips.
If you have the time definately do this I highly recomend it.
You will get between 3-10 videos that last no longer than 30 seconds each.
Easy way for more free chips.
Watch your email for free chips also.
That is my prefered way to play but you do what ever you feel comfortable with and have fun doing.
There are no real stratagies for maximizing lp's.
The higher you bet the faster you earn them and faster you loose source />Do what you find fun.
MyKonami Slots works just like the other app with one exception, you have to bet big!
Minimum bet is between 3,000 - 4,500 depending on the game.
You will win big or go broke fast.
Every 4 hours you myvegas blackjack facebook page 5 tickets.
Those tickets can be used with the lucky cat.
For 5 tickets you touch his paw and he gives you either chips, experience or more tickets.
They have just added another lucky cat.
He uses 100 tickets for each paw touch.
I've gotten as much as 1,000,000 chips and as little as some experience.
Jury still out on if this is a good click />I'm watching the chat regularly and reviews are very mixed.
Follow the steps from the other 2 apps for sync'ing myvegas blackjack facebook page and getting codes for chips.
Your daily bonus is multiplied by days played in a row up to x3, so at least spin each day.
You will need every free chip you can get for this one.
You will also be given the opportunity to watch videos to get free chips.
If you have myvegas blackjack facebook page time definately do this I highly recomend it.
You will get between 3-10 videos that last no longer than 30 seconds each.
Easy way for more free chips.
Watch your email also for free chips.
Bet safer with this app than the others, but have fun!
Slots is not at all like the other 3 apps.
You still earn loyalty points, and the rewards are the same as the other games.
When you start to play, you will recoganize some of the characters and the art style, that's about it.
Personally I find this game the most fun, but if you are working hard core to earn loyality points for an upcomming trip, then this isn't the app for that time.
In this myvegas blackjack facebook page you have an avatar limited looks and right now you can't change and you "enter a casino".
You start out with just continue reading MGM Grand, and quickly will earn a second casino, which is Mirage.
Different games and music in each casino.
You choose a seat article source a machine, and the game will give you tips to which is the hottest and coldest machine for that game at that time.
You will see the other players and if you watch you will see when they have a Big Win, Huge Win and Epic Win.
You can also "chat" by way of emoticons.
This is a very easy game to play for free.
After you download watch your email.
Within about 30 minutes you will be sent an email with like 100,000 coins.
Every 2 hours is your free coin bonus and once a day you get your daily bonus.
I'm only a level 18 and get 150,000 coins every 2 hours and 650,000 once a day.
If you bust out, just wait till the next bonus comes in.
There is no way to determine how many loyality points you get.
It is not directly based on game play.
That being said, watch the machines before sitting down.
You want a group of machines usually in groups of 4 where several people are playing and betting big.
You will know they are betting big by the amount of Source Wins, Huge Wins and Epic Wins, that will float up when they win.
When you or someone else in that group of machines earns free spins.
Every 5 min or so you get a balloon that will move from the right side of your game to float over your head.
As each of the other players earn balloons, everyone in that group of machines gets one too.
If you don't pop it you don't get that bonus.
Bonus will be loyality points, coins or experience.
I experimented by playing for 1 hour at a time several times.
Once I literally only got 20 lp's in that hour.
Other time I got over 300 lp's in an hour.
I got more when someone in my group of machines was betting very big.
They also tended to trigger more free spin games.
This is why it's important to watch the machines before choosing one.
At points you may also want to get up and move if everyone has left your machines.
You earn bonus credits as you play.
As your group of machines wins their bonus credits, it moves everyone closer to the race.
Then you all race in a movie like game to multiply the bonus credits you earn, up to 100x.
Frontier Fortune is great for earning free spin games and big wins.
Both are in MGM Grand casino.
If I figure out more I'll update this page.

Free Spins
30 xB
Max cash out:
$ 1000

See more of myVEGAS on Facebook. Recent Post by Page. AND check out Pop Slots Casino, my KONAMI Slots, and myVEGAS Blackjack.

How To Use MyVegas Cheats On Facebook To Earn Free Las Vegas Comps
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MyVegas Facebook DESKTOP 250 million free chips - Page 3 - clearadultskin.com
How To Use MyVegas Cheats On Facebook To Earn Free Las Vegas Comps If you want some MyVegas Cheats so you can earn faster comps in Las Vegas, I've got the perfect strategy guide here, but it's still going to take some work.
I went myvegas blackjack facebook page Vegas and ate and drank for free simply by playing the sorts of games you're already playing on Facebook.
See Also: — frustrated by all the good stuff going quickly?
I hate seeing my Facebook feed drown in updates from people playing any one of dozens of games on the site.
I first heard about a month ago from a colleague.
Then I saw a friend of mine more or less bragging about all the stuff she was scoring for free on an anniversary trip to Las Vegas.
She was just eagerly sharing all the stuff she scooped playing.
You play slots or blackjack and earn experience points and loyalty points along the way.
Your experience points help you build new hotels, and earn playing chips, your loyalty points help you win rewards from your game play.
Play Perfect Strategy There is a detailed to playing the game.
It what a blackjack surrender you play to earn maximum loyalty points while risking the fewest chips.
Have Lots Of Friends The other thing you may want to do is start a new account so you can friend as many people as possible who are also playing the game.
One of the best MyVegas Cheats is to have a large friend list that you share chips with on a daily basis.
Join Facebook Groups There are many.
Here you will find people who are willing to be added https://clearadultskin.com/blackjack/sodapoppin-blackjack-news.html Facebook myvegas blackjack facebook page so you can share chips.
They will also share links and coupon codes so you can have extra chips through the day.
When first started up, many of the items in the reward catalogue were free.
Now, things have changed.
There is a limit to the number of rewards you can claim 3 per 30 day periodand many of the rewards have become 2 for 1, or discounts when you spend x amount.
You can still find good things like show tickets, buffet coupons, and free items, but they are not as plentiful as they once were.
I have pumped hundreds of hours into the game over 2 months and so far I have free nachos and half a dozen cans of beer.
Now, it must be said you are getting something for your time.
With MyVegas, you are earning actual Las Vegas comps, but it takes a long time to get ones that are worth anything.
I can find similar deals on without having to invest the dozens hundreds of hours in game play and spamming my friends on Facebook.
See Also: for more tips on how to use you MyVegas points in Las Vegas and to see which MyVegas Rewards offer the best value.
Two time Guinness World Record Holder.
I run marathons for Team Diabetes.
I have been playing myvegas blackjack facebook page we got back from Vegas — never buy chips — just added lots of friends and save up chips for when they have double loyalty points, or double level up loyalty points.
I have earned 474,000 blackjack project points since then.
My husband has myvegas blackjack facebook page the same.
We will use them on the big ticket items like shows like love which give you two tickets for 208,000 points.
I am retired and up early so I play then and usually late at night.
I use that strategy as well.
A friend talked me into myvegas earlier this year and he was around 80 when I started.
He is at 164 now and I am at 175.
Both he and his wife play his account very regularly and I generally only put in an hour or so before bed.
The higher level you are the better the pays on the daily wheel and I think more importantly the quicker you get your strip built.
This generates more cash.
I do log in a couple times a day to scoop up the strip chips.
This pays off fast.
You also should take advantage of the unattended spins.
Just set it to 100 or 200 and go about your business.
I really wish I had made a dummy account right off.
I would be much higher right now with the better friend multiplier.
I have about 400k at the moment.
You can really maximize the points if you plan right.
The room deals can be great but it is not hard to get great deals at slow times so I think using them on the shows hard to get tickets for is a good option such as O.
I only put in 15-30 minutes a day when playing but I have to admit, the first time I earned 2 Buffet passes and a Tournament of Kings ticket, my girlfriend earned the same.
It got even better the 2nd time.
And now this time we just both earned Tournament of Kings tickets again.
You obviously give up too easy.
The game is simple and pays out great.
A young adult wrote his article above.
Thank you MGM keep descargar juegos gratis blackjack the good work!
Many hours a day with it spinning in the background.
On my ipad on Jan 1st with only 25 points on before I got the hourly bonus, I was playing Pirates Cove and got a spin for 1 million chips.
I guess everyone has their favorites and own luck.
I would love for someone to add me to their list so we can send chips, I will also do the same for you.
PLEASE let me know that you are an MyVegas player as I get a lot of random friend requests.
Also free dinner at Wolfgang Puck buy1-get1 Have NEVER bought a chip!!
But at Level 151, and no building going on now or in the future I guess….
Just save for trip next year…Still best game on the net!!
I stopped playing for a couple of months during this time.
I see more over 400,000 loyalty credits that I just cashed in for a free night at Aria have to pay the resort fee though and 2 free tickets to see Zarkana when I booked it I got front row seats!!!
I am trying myvegas blackjack facebook page earn enough for 2 free buffets at Aria before we go at the end of June.
Double Guinness World Record Holder.
For more check out.
Based on a work at.
Copyright 2007-2015 cyberbuzz media.

Free Spins
50 xB
Max cash out:
$ 500

In comparison to the other myvegas apps, such as popslots, my. in fact the blackjack Facebook page hasn't posted in at least 15 months.

PlayStudios Launches myVegas Blackjack on Mobile – Adweek
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PlayStudios Support
myvegas blackjack facebook page

Free Spins
60 xB
Max cash out:
$ 500

My MyVegas Blackjack won't allow me to connect to my Facebook. I've tried logging out. Restarting my phone no luck at all. Support Code ...

This app saved me $120 in Las Vegas — and can save you even more - Business - Newton Press Mentor - Newton, IL - Newton, IL
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PlayStudios Launches myVegas Blackjack on Mobile – Adweek
BlackJack - myVEGAS 21 Free Las Vegas Casino Gameplay iOS / Android

Free Spins
50 xB
Max cash out:
$ 500

And then there's MyVegas Blackjack.. A better option is to go to the MyVegas Facebook page, which gives out codes for 5,000 chips every ...

Reddit - myvegas - Disappearing chips in myvegas blackjack on fb....?
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So I figured to get the latest int and I feel more special when its my own thread.
I only signed up to it yesterday, once you ryn out of chips how do you get more without buying?
Apart from the wheel of fortune spin you get daily.
Im not a big gambler but it is fun and gives me my vegas fix, but I dont really want to buy chips just so I can win a 2- 1 Buffett at circus circus.
I have earned around 18,000 in a couple of weeks I guess I'm slower!
It does not take long at all.
Just link the blackjack and the slots apps together so the loyalty points combine.
The blackjack app gives you way more points than the slot app.
You never need to spend a cent.
You get free chips all the time.
You are best to play it on the desktop Facebook site as well as on the mobile app version, and have the mobile version connected to Facebook too.
On the Facebook version you get to visit "MyStrip" every few hours and collect free chips.
I usually get around 2000 free.
I'm staying in in August and now we have myvegas blackjack facebook page free buffets buy 1 myvegas blackjack facebook page 1 free - there myvegas blackjack facebook page 2 of us and we want to eat at the buffet, so basically our food costs are now reduced by 50%.
Need to decide what to spend the other loyalty points on.
Probably some free food somewhere else : Once logged on to myvegas blackjack facebook page go to a site that finds all the 1000 red chips from hotels the 1500 from Twitter and 2000 from myvegas blackjack spongebob gallery page.
Search for 'myvegas chips' within facebook and you should find the group that does that.
I have had a post deleted for specifying a third party that may not want their name published!
I started myvegas with 59K red chips!
And if they share their wins you get 101 and 201 chips from posts on your facebook just click for source page.
Or go to their Timeline.
There are myvegas groups that ask to be added as your myvegas friends.
Send them a friends request but only 10-15 a day.
If you send too many requests Facebook limits what you can do as they think you are a spammer.
And these people want friends so accept you and do not reject you which Facebook does not like!
The more friend you have the better.
I have no Chips left tonight.
I redeemed Buffett last October.
So might try Aria.
Good luck in collecting your points.
At the moment I am playing Myvegas on my partners tablet, I dont think its linked to her facebook.
I dont myvegas blackjack facebook page a facebook account of my own but if its benefiscal I may open one that is purely for myvegas, would this be a good idea?
Also can you play myvegas on a laptop?
I've been playing for about 2 years.
I still have over 440,000 loyalty points left.
Will save for my next trip in 2017 I am going clearly provide evidence how much of a caveman I am with IT here.
So, blackjack limits this the best step by step guide for me to follow.
I dont read more to get into the facebook world so is it ok to use a fake name like vegas fan or chewbacca?
Will this pose any issues with redeeming rewards?
Once that is done how do you link your black jack myvegas to slots myvegas?
Thanks for any help!!
You should use your real name.
You can make a private group of MyVegas friends so any posts chip shares, etc.
You can play on your laptop too.
There is the Facebook game, then there are 2 mobile apps - one for slots and one for blackjack.
You can play all 3 and link them.
You accumulate loyalty points more quickly on the Facebook game than on the mobile apps.
Once you set up your Facebook account, launch the app and click on the square in the lower myvegas blackjack facebook page corner.
It will give you "Log in with Facebook" or something similar as an option.
Log in and the gold http netbeans will sync, but the coins you bet with myvegas blackjack facebook page separate.
I've been playing myVEGAS for almost 3 years now since August 2012 and I would like to recommend that you join the myVEGAS approved fan group, My Friends Rocks here It's a Facebook group so you'll have to get your Facebook account set up first before you can join.
We have all the information you could need to get started including a help file, FAQ, Friend request thread https://clearadultskin.com/blackjack/odds-of-losing-4-blackjack-hands-in-a-row.html in-game chipsBig Chip share, and mobile chip share.
So your best bet would be to: 1.
Create a Facebook Account 2.
Like the myVEGAS Facebook page for updates and free chips to your wall.
Start playing myVEGAS on the Facebook version of the game as well as the mobile version you are already playing and the Blackjack app.
These are all 3 different games but you mohegan sun strategy loyalty points towards the same total on all of them.
You will actually probably earn the most loyalty points on Facebook AND the Facebook version has free chips everywhere.
Join My Vegas Friends Rocks 5.
Start earning loyalty points faster!
While the quality of rewards click here declined over the years due to business they need to be making a profit off of the rewards there is still tons left that is great and not just coupons!
If you need any additional help, let me know!
Includes places to see and things to pack!
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Free Spins
60 xB
Max cash out:
$ 200

Go “Like” the myVEGAS Blackjack Facebook page for bonus slots chips today! SHARE the great. myVEGAS Slots Facebook Chips http://myveg.as/10yY3j4.

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Beat The System & Get More Chips: MyVegas Blackjack Mobile

Free Spins
60 xB
Max cash out:
$ 200

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How to use MyVegas to save money in Las Vegas
In an effort to make every dime count, we downloaded an app called.
MyVegas is a pair of apps for Facebook, iPhone, and Android where you play blackjack or the slot machines with virtual cash - and earn real rewards, like meals and show tickets, at some of Las Vegas' biggest hotels and resorts.
If you're forewarned, you can save myvegas blackjack facebook page more.
Here's how it works.
There are two different MyVegas games for you to choose from.
MyVegas slots, pictured here, gives you a choice of slot machines to choose from.
Most of them are themed around real-world Vegas casinos, like New Blackjack chips wert New York.
Others are digital versions of real slot machines, like China Mystery.
There's even one called "Caddyshaq" that's themed around Shaquille O'Neal playing golf.
Matt Weinberger And then continue reading MyVegas Blackjack.
And if you ever run out, you use real money to buy more.
A better option is to go to the MyVegas Facebook page, which gives out codes for 5,000 chips every day.
Matt Weinberger The more you play, and the bigger you bet, the more "loyalty points" you earn.
You get bonuses on the virtual chips and loyalty for every consecutive day that you play.
They tend to be along the lines of, "find forty-five dolphin icons on the Mirage slot machine.
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