🍒 Ryan Guillermo Obituary - Las Vegas, NV

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Ryan Guillermo Obituary - Las Vegas, NV
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Ryan Joseph Ferrer Guillermo, of Las Vegas, NV passed away peacefully on December 27, 2018 surrounded by family and friends at St.
Rose San Martin after a bravely fought battle against epithelioid sarcoma.
He was born on February 19, 1984 in Mandaluyong City, Philippines to Guillermo and Elizabeth Guillermo.
He had one older brother named Dennis, and two younger brothers named John and Michael.
He met the love of his life, Margaret A.
RJ graduated from high school at Don Bosco Mandaluyong, Philippines in 2001.
Once he moved to Las Vegas, he found employment as a valet attendant at Marriott Grand Chateau and later at the Palms Casino.
RJ enjoyed traveling, hiking, working out, and frequenting breweries.
RJ was a huge fan of basketball and the Indiana Pacers.
He played basketball for his school all throughout his academic career and was even named MVP on his high school basketball team his senior year.
He also loved technology and was very up-to-date with all the latest gadgets.
Visitation will be held from 3p-7p on January 11, 2018 and 9a-11a on January 12, 2018.
Funeral service and celebration of life will follow immediately after the visitation on Saturday, the 12th, at Palm Southwest Mortuary.
Your time was short, but those of us who loved you will ensure your memory will live on in our hearts forever.
I will cherish our times on the couch and you sitting in your "RJ chair" while we watch TFC or when you do your exercise with your Tito Joey.
You fought the good fight and although many of us feel as though you lost.
May your good soul rest in peace.
Though we met just once, im glad to have met you.
I knew you were a good person.
Most importantly, I know how much you loved my best friend, Marga.
I know you will still and always watch over her.
Our love, Prayers and thoughts, -Sam and Ryan Isabel Aragon January 14, 2019 Hey Kuya Arj, I will always remember you as the type of man who listened with intent and was eager to indulge in my bad jokes; you were always so generous in response.
And man, did we laugh!
The consolation lies in knowing that heaven took your pain away, you never deserved it.
Remember, you were still jet-lagged while we partied at Jess's despedida de soltera!
We had four meals together, at most -- including our dinner at Calderon here's a picture!
We only played one game of basketball together, but I clearly saw that you could play beyond the arc and in the paint.
You made us all look like sluggish losers.
So it was unbelievable that you got sick, that something could go wrong with the muscles that made you speedy and strong on the court.
But we're sure that even as your body became weakened by cancer, your strength of character did not waver.
You put up a fight, you played a good game.
And we're proud of you.
Thanks for taking good care of Marga.
For now, time out muna -- rest well.
Jake and Jewel Kyle Chinen January 13, 2019 Rj my friend Rj my brother Hes impacted all of us in one way or another His kindness for others, drew people in.
Its no wonder that he had so many friends His patience was unreal, i can only strive to be like him.
I knew he was someone special, no ordinary friend I promise one thing Rj, i vow never to forget.
Is to "Live Your Best Life" without any regrets His Soft spoken nature shined through to the very end.
This is not fare well Rj its until we meet again!!
Melinda Gonzalez January 12, 2019 I'm glad that Matthew and I had a chance to meet you, even though it was for a short period of time.
The strength and perseverance you showed us in your fight has had a lasting impact on us, and is something that we hope to emulate during our own times of struggle.
We'll miss you RJ.
You and Marga will be in our hearts and prayers.
Our deepest condolences to Marga and family.
I remember him to be friendly, kuya-like, and very good at basketball.
I also remember in Don Bosco, a lot of girls from his batch would always ask if I was https://clearadultskin.com/casino/danville-il-casino.html to RJ and if I can put in a good word for them.
I wish my siblings and I had kept in touch better.
Rest in peace RJ, you will be missed.
Every time i came to there house in antipolo Philippines, we used to play video games SNES and basketball all the time, that was the most memorable moment for me with him coz, in every thing he does, i admire him lot, In basketball to be specific.
I love playing basketball because of him, I remember one time when were playing basketball, he taught me on how to play defense and how to shoot a ball on a proper stance.
But, we will continue to live our dreams and to live our lives with your memories!!!
You will be missed A LOT.
You are dearly missed, but we will apologise, casino services publishing for think of you with love.
A life well lived is a legacy Of joy and pride and pleasure, A living, lasting memory Our grateful hearts will treasure Rest in Peace dear RJ.
You will always be loved and remembered as part of our family.
Sending you a big warm hug, Steph, Chris, Andrea and Arielle Hilda Wee January 11, 2019 Hi, RJ!
When I first met you, I knew at that moment that Marga was in good hands.
Thank you for your genuine love for Marga and everyone surrounding her.
I thank God for you and for giving us the opportunity to talk, pray with you, hug and kiss you a few days before your passing.
You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
HS seems like a hundred casino london rock leicester square hard ago.
From what I remember, to me, you truly were a genuine person.
You stood by your principles and was always kind to everyone.
One regret I had was that I didn't casino alcohol kuya kim to catch up with you when we went to LV.
I didn't know you were already working there and thought you were still in Indiana.
You messaged me but too bad our schedule didn't meet.
After a while, I saw one of your IG stories.
I was really surprised and saddened that you were under treatment.
I pm'ed you and you were very hopeful and positive.
I really thought you ought to beat that C.
You are an inspiration to us now, not just from the way you handled things, but by also reminding us that life is short and we need to love and take care of one another.
Gone too soon dre.
We'll see you again brother.
Karl Nancy and Ricky Panaligan January 11, 2019 RJ, We are so blessed to have met you, even if it was for a very short time.
During our time together, you made us realize just how precious the life we are given by the grace of God truly is.
You fought hard, you gave it your all and did not let cancer get the best of you.
Thank you for being a part of our family.
Although for a short time, I am grateful to have met you.
You will always live on in our memories, https://clearadultskin.com/casino/casino-mania.html, and prayers.
Myles Pancho January 11, 2019 RJ, The first time I ever met you was when Marga introduced you to all of the Pancho cousins when we came to Vegas.
We went to RA sushi and decided to have sake bombs.
I remember growing up in Indiana and knowing that Marga lived a couple hours away from me.
I think they have a great chance to win the whole thing this year especially with Oladipo running the team.
We love and miss you brother.
Carlos Garcia January 11, 2019 Hey RJ.
It was just last year at around this time when we saw you last.
We were able to catch up at Jess' bday dinner at Manila House and you were your usual reserved but good-spirited self.
It was then you shared with us the tumor you discovered through an unrelated check up.
I remember the worry that came over me when I heard about it but I eventually figured it would be ok because of how contagious your optimism is.
It'll soon be a year since we had that last conversation with you.
We are having a hard time fathoming that it would be the final one.
It happened so quickly that it feels like a blur.
I'm glad though that you got to spend your last days with the people you loved and at least got to say goodbye.
Hope you got to tick some items off the bucket list in the last year!
Thank you for loving Marga the way you did.
You will continue to live on in her heart.
Cheers to you, RJ.
Til the next time we meet again.
You know I can never accept this, your passing.
It breaks my heart so much.
You were a part of me.
You came from me.
I will only remember your happy face.
This is all I need to soothe the pain in my heart.
You will forever be here in my heart, watching over me and all the people that you loved.
I love you so much Rj.
Gina Garcia January 11, 2019 Dearest RJ, We finally met you for the first time in 2016 when you and Marga flew to Manila to attend the wedding of Jess and Jessica.
We knew then that Marga was in good hands.
Not from his head to be above him.
Nor his feet to be walked upon.
But from his side to be equal.
Close to his heart to be loved.
From our first mt airy pasta buffet, we now bid you farewell.
You were a true warrior who loved life and fought a battle to live longer for your loved ones.
You never gave up despite the painful illness you suffered.
You left us a great legacy which taught us to persevere no matter the circumstances.
May your soul rest in peace.
You will always be remembered and loved.
Farewell RJ… Love, Tita Gina and Tito Rolly Zelda Kienle January 11, 2019 Though we live miles away from our family in the US i am very happy to have had a few occasions to meet with RJ.
That was in Las Vegas here in Manila during the wedding of my daughter Jessica to Jesse Maxwell in El Nido.
That was so nice of RJ and Marga to travel all the way here to attend the wedding and was nice to have had the chance to be close to him and get to know him.
The few times we have met more info always lovely moments as he struck me as a nice humble friendly and charming young man.
The last time i saw him was during the party at Entrecote for Nicole and Dan and i was so happy to once again get to talk to RJ.
It was a pleasant one and here could feel so much the kindess in his heart.
We will miss you so much RJ thank you for everything and all the love and happiness you have given to Marga.
Rory Calica January 11, 2019 R.
He loved Marga and her family and took care click them when Jey was in Stanford.
I will never forget the happiness in his face when he married Marga.
Andrew Sison January 11, 2019 RJ, I always had a great appreciation for the relationship you and Margaret have had throughout the years.
Margaret, Celine, and the whole family made me feel at home when it was very new to me here in Las Vegas.
Being in a relationship just like that myself brought me comfort and hope that love knows no bounds.
I know we never talked too much, but I could tell like everyone else, that you were so humble, patient, and selfless; there was so much through your actions and demeanor that words could never convey.
You and Margaret have provided a shining light to what I hope to have for myself in my own relationship, and I am forever grateful for that.
I hope you are resting well, we love you and miss you.
Hope to see you on the other side.
Yvonne Cruz January 10, 2019 RJ was someone of great character, very respectful, and a great conversationalist.
He was open, kind-hearted, and always willing to listen.
You could genuinely tell that he was who he was, in other words, a very authentic person.
I wish I had gotten to know him more, but what I'm left with will be with me.
You were kind, genuine, and had a big heart.
You have touched many, and were loved by many.
We did not get to spend too much time together, and that is my only regret.
I wish we got to know each other better.
Hopefully, someday when we meet again.
You were always there to love and support her, and our family will always be grateful to you for that.
Thank you for flying all the way to the philippines to be there for my wedding in 2016 : it meant so much to me.
You and Marga were my special guests, and I am so happy and thankful we got to celebrate together.
I remember at the reception dinner we shared a toast to love, happiness and family.
You will always be part of the family RJ.
We will miss you dearly.
Rest now, and see you on the other side someday.
Love, Jessica Joseph Pancho January 10, 2019 RJ, My first memory of you is when some of the Pancho cousins came to visit Las Vegas.
We grabbed a table at RA Sushi and ordered sake bombs.
I believe it was the first time for you and Marga to have the bombs.
We all hit the table so hard, chopsticks went flying, drinks were spilled.
It was a mess.
Right then I knew you were a good guy with a big heart.
Your laugh and smile will always be in my memory.
I love and miss you!
Rest in peace, RJ, till we meet opinion casino spiele deutschland confirm />Tito Martin Mitzi Kaspar January 10, 2019 GO RJ GO!!!
I will never forget the https://clearadultskin.com/casino/casino-camper.html first time I met you in SM Aura when Marga asked me to meet you then.
I felt from that very moment that you and Marga were a perfect match.
Then we eventually knew you more and more during click the following article visits to Vegas or your trips to the Philippines and I discovered that you are truly a nice man with such a pleasant personality.
Thankful we spent wonderful memories with you and Marga in this given short span of time.
Samantha will also miss you in her own special way.
And of course Tito Martin, he will always remember the good times having a beer with you in his restaurant.
He wants you with Him in Heaven now and enjoy your next journey.
We will truly miss you buddy.
He always put family and friends first before anything, which I admired.
I remember when Margaret would say that we were like twins due to our similarities in style.
Finding the simplicity in things.
Always had the latest gadgets when we came over for BBQs.
RJ was quiet, but he always listened.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your life.
You will never be forgotten.
We love you and miss you my friend.
John Guillermo January 10, 2019 continued.
You were the one who always picked me up, literally and figuratively, when I needed it most.
I wish you are still here to do so.
I hate the fact that this happened to such an undeserving person.
But, I can't wallow in grief, and just believe in God and His plan https://clearadultskin.com/casino/hollywood-casino-columbus-promotions.html you and all of us.
I just know that you are in the best place now that you can be, and you can rest comfortably.
I love you Kuya, and I will continue to live on through your memory, Jumpee.
John Guillermo January 10, 2019 Growing up with four brothers is special.
Kuya Dennis, Kuya Rj, myself, and Eric, we had a special bond, a brotherhood we can call ours.
We teased each other, we fought, and we got along.
It is a brotherhood that has shaped me growing up.
We all brought different things to the table, and I have learned so many things from each of us.
Kuya Rj is someone who I have looked up to my whole life.
Growing up, I wanted to do everything he did.
My earliest memory was of you and Kuya Dennis playing Super Nintendo, which started my love of video games and technology.
Growing up, you guys were my first idols in basketball.
Hearing stories of your achievements in basketball, our living room full of your guys' trophies and medals, I wanted to be good in basketball if not better!
Watching you guys from the sidelines, I studied and copied your moves.
You had very tricky post moves and one heck of a jump shot.
The best among us brothers.
I remember the time when you pulled the Euro step early 2000s before the Euro step was even a thing!
The refs called it a travel.
They should see James Harden now!!!
One of the best memories of us were playing basketball.
Just us four and sometimes Dad, playing on the driveway, at St.
Jude, Perry park, the Y, etc.
I wish to relive those days over and over.
More importantly, Kuya Rj was a brother who truly fulfilled his older brother duties.
He helped me growing up countless times.
At one point we went to the same school together, and just having his presence there helped me against potential bullies who thought otherwise since I had a Kuya in school who had my back.
At a much later time, he was there to help me clean up, change, and go to bed after an eventful 21st, to much to his disdain.
Sorry and thank you Kuya Rj!
Or the time he and his wife Marga took us in and around Vegas in '15 and introduced us to their group of friends.
I could go on and on.
The pain of that will always be with me.
I find solace in the fact that your pain is gone and your suffering is over.
Tuya R-shay is happy!
REST IN PARADISE while we try to live our best life!
We love and miss you!
I already miss annoying you with my crazy dance moves and really obnoxious singing.
I learned a lot from you, RJ.
Your patience was what I admired most.
You were always so kind, even if you said very little.
You filled the big brother void in my life.
Having you join our crazy family was like finding the missing piece to the puzzle.
You smoothed out our edges.
Our party of 5 bonded through adventuring new places and spending long nights talking in the kitchen drinking cold ones.
Thinking about you spending the rest of your days in heaven brings me so much peace.
I love you big brother!
Put in a good word up there for me.
Love, Lin Calvin Kaspar January 10, 2019 RJ was one of the nicest person I have ever met.
He was always down to hangout with me whenever I visited the States casino alcohol kuya kim was or still is very annoying.
He would always want to play basketball with me and play some 2K where he would crush me.
He was even very generous in helping me lose weight, I'll never forget the fit bit he has given me to help count my steps and I always cherished the fact that he was always so nice to everyone around.
We went hiking, a car ride and even solved a mystery room together.
We were with Dan and Nicole and I remember that RJ and I would just be in the corner talking about basketball while not trying to solve the room at all.
He was always smiling and very kind, and I really will not forget the way he has treated me.
He was truly a big brother to me and I'll never forget you.
Rest well RJ, and say hi to lolo Daning for us aragoons I know you two will get along just well, we'll meet again soon and hopefully I won't get crushed when we play ball again even in heaven.
The kind of peacefulness you displayed and gave off to those around you is one that we should all aspire to have a little more of, and it is comforting to know you are in ultimate peacefulness now.
I've loved getting to know you through the years, from Indy to San Diego to Vegas, and seeing the happiness you and Marga had together.
When I saw you just a few months ago, it was clear how much pain you were in, and I know there is some comfort in knowing that is no longer.
You are free, but we will all miss you, and will hold onto the hope of being with you again.
Until then, I promise to love on Marga and Celine and the rest of the family in a way that would honor you.
We love you, and we'll be seeing you.
We all blended together playing as a team.
Mama was our muse.
Remember she used to join us during our playing days at the gym at St.
Your younger years, we enjoyed the frequent eat outs on Sundays and movies after going to church.
Picnics and trips to Splash Island, Enchanted Kingdom with your cousins and Titas aunties.
A lot of those memories flash back, the happy times of us all together.
Growing up as a teen and to adulthood, you explored so many things to grow and expand yourself and eventually built a bigger family of friends from your so good natured ness, bringing up others ahead of yourself.
You were always the go-to guy, Https://clearadultskin.com/casino/lobster-casino-buffet.html />And then you met Margaret, the person that changed your life.
Life full of love and happiness.
The love of your life.
RJ, we will miss you forever, from Mama, Dennis, Jumpee, Eric, Marga, Mildred, Celine, Jey, your extended families, relatives and friends.
But the thought of how happy and peaceful you are now with God in Heaven consoles our hearts and knowing you will always be forever there as our guardian angel to protect us.
You wanted to stay longer to be with your big loving family.
But life passed you so swiftly.
You did so many good things that touched many hearts and the love you spread reached so high and God noticed.
You passed His test.
You were a good son, husband and friend.
We love you very much RJ.
Jean January 9, 2019 Oh RJ RJ RJ.
Every time I visited and we all hung out, he was always so lighthearted and easy going.
I know the love that they had was the type of love you dream of having.
I love you guys and our condolences go out to you, Marga, and your family.
Thank you for welcoming me into your tight knit squad and for letting me get to know RJ even for a little bit.
Debora Bailey January 9, 2019 Please accept my sincere condolences.
It really saddens me to mourn the loss of someone so young.
May the Guillermo family find true peace and comfort from God's promise to reunite us with Ryan and our dear loved ones again by means of an earthly resurrection, found at John 5:28, 29 when death will be eliminated forever, found at Revelations 21:4.
Truly, what a glorious and unbelievable day that will be, for God cannot lie!
Dennis Guillermo January 9, 2019 I first met RJ when I was almost 3-years-old.
He was an awesome baby bro from Intelligible hard rock casino tulsa pool party can 1 or at least from as far as my memory can recall.
He wasn't just a younger brother; RJ was truly my first best friend.
Even as kids, RJ already carried that genuine kindness he has been known for throughout his life.
He often put others ahead of himself even at his own risk.
I will never forget that time he fractured his middle finger because of me.
What had happened was, I was trying to run with the big kids and they were climbing this tall stack of hollow blocks and were jumping into an old mattress like a bunch of lunatics on a ghetto trampoline.
Being the daredevil I thought I was, I climbed up the 8-foot stack of bricks and attempted to make my first dive.
This story could easily have been a forgotten memory had I just jumped like the other kids before me and just went on with my day, except that at the time my mind started telling me, "F this!
This is too high, you are not like those other kids who eat gravel for breakfast, you are going to die!
I wish the person behind me had just pushed me, but instead, RJ sensed my anxiety from below and decided he was going to rescue me from the predicament I got myself into.
I can still remember the concern in his eyes and how he rushed to climb up and extend his hand to try and convince me to come down.
I can't remember exactly what happened next and how, but in his attempt to help me down, a couple of hollow blocks were dislodged and fell on his hand.
He was only around 4 at the time, and I remember blood dripping from his fingers and how I jumped down in panic and took him back home to get his hand checked.
For his selfless bravery and concern for his big bro, RJ had surgery on his middle finger and wore a cast for a couple of weeks only for it to be permanently crooked since.
Pinky Aragon January 8, 2019 RJ, your tito Mon and I will always remember you with fondness.
You were such a trooper roughing it out with us in the mountains, despite the not so ideal weather conditions back then.
And you killed it at pusoy dos!
Thank you for choosing to come to Canada to be with us this summer.
It means a lot and we will always cherish these moments with you.
Au revoir for now.
Till we meet again.
Dan Aurelio January 8, 2019 RJ, The first time I met you, you greeted me with open arms and a beer.
It was a simple gesture but it meant a lot.
I was only with Nicole for a few weeks when we first met but you were so welcoming that I felt at ease.
From then on, my fondest memories of you were when we would come over to your house and hang out.
While the girls were "Aragooning," we would be playing on your PS4 or watching TV.
I'll miss those days, even though you would kick my butt in any game we played.
You were soft spoken, but every time you said something, it was funny and impactful.
I'm sad to see you go, but it is comforting to know that you are not in pain.
Until we meet again, rest in paradise.
Dan Nicole Calica January 8, 2019 RJeezy, I will always miss our conversations and basketball banter.
I will never forget the time we had a twitter "war" about who would win a 2-on-2 basketball competition naturally, your team won haha.
I thank you for being the best husband to my cousin, Margaret, and for always being a positive presence in our family.
I can't believe that you are no longer with us, but I take comfort in knowing that you are free of pain.
Rest in peace, until we meet again.
Nicole Andrea Kulp January 8, 2019 It was such a pleasure getting to know RJ through the years.
I met Margaret and Celine when I started working at UA with them.
Through getting to know them I got to know RJ.
He was such a nice and quite guy.
He treated Steven my husband, my daughter Eva, and myself like family.
I am so glad that I got to be a part of his life.
RJ was such a strong individual fighting a hard battle.
He will never be forgotten and his memory will live on.
I promise to always be there for his family.
Michael Eric Guillermo January 8, 2019 Kuya RJ — Thank you for always being there for me and setting a good example for your younger brothers.
There are many memories with all of us brothers.
I can still remember when Ma would make you make my bottles haha!
Then moving to Indy where all of our stresses involved basketball and video casino alcohol kuya kim — you always claimed I would lose on Tekken or NBA Live and cry.
In basketball, you were always known to be the sharpshooter and I always tried to mimic your form and play style.
Those early years in Indy were one of the best times for all of us.
I could go on with the memories but it would just take too long.
I know how much you wanted to go on that hike as much as I did.
Maybe one day we will be meet again and we will be able to.
I love you kuya.
It was always a joy to spend time with you.
While quiet and soft-spoken, every word you said was meaningful and you were always respectful and kind in every way.
You were such a great best friend and husband to my dear cousin and I promise we are all here with here now while you watch over her from your new paradise.
Though it hurts to be without you, all of our lives are better because we knew you.
We love and miss you always.
Roymark Magbanua January 8, 2019 I remember how our moms used to send us to school when we were little, both of us sitting at our moms' laps.
I never thought it would be the start of our friendship.
You were like the brother I never had.
There were alot of good memories too bad photos wasn't that much of a hit back then.
You were one of the few person I know that never fails to see the bright side of things.
You kept your head up high and always had a very positive outlook in life.
I wish we could've hung out more, things happened so fast that I can't still grasp it.
Constant "kamustahan" over at Facebook seemed not enough.
We always talked about sports, how you were able to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite your casino shop idle heroes to back jobs.
How the both of us dreamt of having a family and raising a child.
As you start your new journey in paradise, I want to let you know how much I appreciate our friendship.
This time, it is us who needs to learn how to accept and see the positive side of things.
You are away from pain, and that's a good thing.
Your family and friends would never want to see you in pain.
Mahal na mahal ka namin bro.
PS: Wag mo ako tatawanan kasi hindi talaga ako magaling sa ganto bro, alam mo yan.
Of course you and Nilla were the only ones of drinking age so whenever my mom came outside to check on us without even blinking you click to grab whatever cheap bottle of alcohol we had at the time and hide it under your chair for us.
I also want everyone to know how his wife Marga stayed beside him in fighting this disease.
Marga really took care of RJ, she did all she can to help fight this unspeakable unwanted disease.
RJ is a fighter.
I remember each day from the very start how he tried his best to get well.
He would still try to show us that he was ok even if we knew he was not.
We had so many fun memories with RJ, our adventure travels, hiking, dinners together as a family, cookouts and many more.
RJ will always be with us.
We will truly miss him.
We need to be strong and look forward to the future.
We know that God is always with us in these whole journey.
I'd say the RJ had that kind glow on his face, and I felt at ease with him even though it was just our first meeting.
In whatever we talked about, he knew what he was saying.
I enjoyed his company.
He even called me 'Tita' which is a form of address for respect to older women in the Philippines.
I was really shocked and deeply saddened when I found out about his sickness.
He was still young to leave this world and his wife, Marga.
He surely would have continued a full life ahead if not for that life-threatening disease.
I had prayed to God to give RJ the healing that everyone wished he would receive so that he may go on living.
But then, our Creator chose to take RJ with Him to a place where there is no more pain and suffering but eternal peace and joy.
I will always cherish that one and only meeting with RJ.
Rest in eternal peace in God's Paradise, hijo.
We will miss you.
And again, thank you for the time we had during our first and last meeting.
To the family, relatives and friends that RJ left behind, may our Good Lord comfort you in your sadness over his death.
He's watching over you from above and is happy for the love you showed him.
Andreas Nazarian January 5, 2019 I will always admire and appreciate everything that you were and that you accomplished.
You were always good company and I will miss talking about basketball shoes with you at millers or when you shopped at UA.
An incredible person with and equally incredible smile.
I want to thank you for all that you did and hope you casino alcohol kuya kim rest easy.
Quit Santiago January 5, 2019 I wish I had the privilege of meeting RJ.
I wanted to let him taste my yummy smoothies and would have sent him bottles of smoothies to go.
But, they had other plans at that time and had a tight schedule.
But, much as I did not get to meet RJ, I know he was a loveable person from the love that Mildred has for him as her son-in-law.
Rest in peace with God now, RJ.
Sending my warm hug, Marga, Mildred, Celine and Jey.
I am here for you.
We shared the love for bball, your guy was CWebb and Tupac's "Only God Can Judge Me" was one of our favourites.
I remember RJ as always a kind friend and easy-going guy.
He lived at the far edge of the metro but would never learn more here to make the journey to see me at the opposite end of town.
He made sure to see me on the island his last trip back in 2016.
It was so great kayaking and just chilling with you and your lovely, Margaret, with San Miguel's in hand in paradise.
I'm glad we fulfilled that dream.
You were on my mind a lot the last month and it was timely I had asked a priest personally the day before your passing to pray for you all day not knowing it was your last.
It was very sad news the next day hearing from our friend Mike that you had passed, but I'm happy that you've lived a great life, touched others lives and that you are now in heaven.
We'll meet again in paradise.
But for Ryan Joseph Ferrer Guillermo, it summarized in every way who he was.
He was modest, quiet, and observant, taking in everything around him and always thinking before acting.
He was a realist, someone who was efficient and practical in everything he did.
He was a friendly person who truly cared about those around him.
Raised in Antipolo City, Philippines and later Indianapolis, Indiana, he was brought up to be tolerant and trustworthy.
RJ was raised with three siblings.
He had an older brother, Dennis, and two younger brothers, John and Michael.
He was constantly involved in activities with his family.
While he and his siblings had the typical rivalries while growing up, they deeply cared for each other and shared many life experiences over the years.
As a child, he learned to be conscientious, responsible and punctual.
These were all traits that he would carry with him throughout his life.
Growing up, RJ took part in a number of activities as a child.
He was a Boy Scout in elementary school and played basketball and intramural volleyball.
In his spare time he liked to play videogames on the Atari, Nintendo, and Dreamcast which is most likely how he developed his love for electronics.
RJ also enjoyed learning.
He always had a great memory and was particularly skilled at retaining factual information.
He graduated from Don Bosco Mandaluyong in 2001 and was a stand-out athlete; he was MVP of his basketball team during his senior year.
Later, he went on to receive his Associate of Arts degree in Computer Information Systems.
Most folks would say that RJ was shy until they got to know him.
Those who were privileged to know him well learned that he was a solid, good friend.
The friends that he made, RJ kept.
While growing up, some of his best friends were Roymark Magbanua, Johan Ordoñez, and Nicolai Garcia.
Later in life, he became good friends with Kyle Chinen, Jason Roiter, Casino rv parks washington Bolusan, Jack Tomita, and Francis Cacal.
That was so true for RJ.
On January 26, 2014 RJ married Margaret Aragon de la Rosa in Las Vegas, Nevada.
He was totally committed to Margaret and maintained traditional ideals about marriage.
Although RJ disliked conflict, he did not take flight from discord, but rather sought to preserve harmony even during the most trying times.
He was click here as a valet attendant at Marriot Grand Chateau and later at Palms Casino.
Recreationally, RJ played on Filipino basketball leagues in both Indianapolis and Las Vegas.
He was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed watching his favorite teams whenever he got the opportunity.
Tops on his list were the Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts.
An individual who respected and maintained traditional values, his faith was important to RJ.
His compassion, consideration and sympathy toward others was evident in his personal beliefs.
He was a member of St.
Barnabas for 13 years and St.
Thomas More for 3 years.
Anyone who traveled or went on vacation with RJ had smooth sailing.
It was often taken for granted that he was the trip planner.
Favorite vacations included El Nido and Boracay, Philippines, and Redondo Beach, CA where he loved eating seafood!
His family was rounded out by his family's dogs, Beemer and Indy.
RJ was as loyal to his pets as they were to him.
RJ passed away on December 27, 2018 at St.
Rose San Martin in Las Vegas, Nevada after fighting a brave battle against epithelioid sarcoma.
He is survived by his wife, Margaret; parents, Guillermo and Elizabeth; brothers, Dennis, John, and Michael; father-in-law, Juderick; mother-in-law, Mildred; sisters-in-law, Celine and Carmen; nephews, Tyler and Santi; and nieces, Cadence and Izabella.
Services were held at Palm Southwest Mortuary.
RJ was able to focus on each individual tree, tending to its needs, thus making the forest stronger as a whole.
RJ was a trustworthy, pragmatic and sympathetic person, the kind of man to whom everyone was drawn.
You always knew where you stood with RJ.
He will be missed.
This site is provided as a service of SCI Shared Resources, LLC.
The Dignity Memorial brand name is used to identify a network of licensed funeral, cremation and cemetery providers that include affiliates of Service Corporation International, 1929 Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas.
With over 2,000 locations, Dignity Memorial providers proudly serve over 300,000 families a year.

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It gave him comfort and the confidence to enter the competitive showbiz industry.
They were so handsome.
I felt then, how could there be a place for someone like me?
Being a father has also been educational.
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